Mauritius International Conference May 2013 – Day 6

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The final, final meeting

A rather tired, yet happy, congregation filters into the auditorium for the final meeting of our week long conference. Once again Pastor Fabien welcomes everyone, as we prepare to praise our faithful God. We’ve gathered together to hear the financial year-end report for CTMI. Audrey leads us through a concise breakdown of exactly where all received monies have been spent over the past year. As church members, it is reassuring to know that there is a transparency and integrity in the church finances, as well as a freedom to discuss it openly.

CTMI Report

Miki takes the stage and continues with the vision that was shared at last year’s conference. He expounds on the hubs that were previously introduced, detailing each country and the radio stations within. He re-iterates that the core investment and focus of CTMI is in Africa, where he believes that there are sufficient men who, humble in heart, are ready to pay the price. Miki explains what is integral to understand in the functioning of all these churches, is that they don’t operate independently, and are open to visits and input from all the different ministries within the CTMI partner churches.

What was so exciting to see in this year’s hub presentation was the inclusion of our dear friends from Madagascar. Our Malagasy brothers and sisters are looking forward to the official team visit to the mini continent next month!

We will be uploading more detailed information on all the hubs at a later stage.

Audrey comes up again to give a detailed explanation of the purpose and needs within the ever-expanding media department, which has been a crucial tool in spreading the gospel to the nations. We are shown a short Nuradio clip, followed by applause, when Audrey announces the imminent launch of an English version of Nuradio! Suddenly, Audrey is interrupted by a somewhat surprise projection of Peter and Oli on the big screens! They are coming to us live from upstairs in the media department.

Touring the Media Department

Peter takes us through a tour of the new facilities in the media department. It’s incredible to see the transformation from the little closet room they used to operate from a few years ago in Curepipe. Peter exclaims that, “Opportunities are arising in both TV and radio, and we need to be equipped to produce footage and radio clips that are at an international level.” The congregation is in awe and many applaud when we are shown a teaser view of what the team envisions the TV studio to look like… at the moment it is an empty shell of a room. We are then treated to another surprise when a green backdrop turns into CTMI World News! Behind the anchor desk, Peter and David present a sample version of CTMI’s very first news show!

It’s so exciting to see the bigger vision in using media for the Lord’s work! We cross back to Audrey, who addresses the financial demands to make this vision possible, and challenges everyone to have a part in supporting this means that the Lord has provided to see His gospel spread. She shares that very often people come and see her and say how blessed they were to be able to join in on the various CTMI conferences around the world, brought by live streaming and Nuradio. She often wonders to herself, “But how do you express this gratitude? Are you just blessed or are we allowing our hearts to speak? Why not go further, and support financially?”

Strengthen yourself in the Lord!

We praise the Lord again, after which Miki begins to speak on the importance of progressing in our spiritual walk, in order for us to be a light that shines in this world. After a week, where we have received so much, and felt a deep gratitude for what we have heard, we now are reminded of how we can’t stop here, but must continue to grow and remain rooted in what we know is the truth. We need to be able to discern what is good and what is evil; what is the plan of the Lord for us, and what is not.

We look forward to all that the Lord has set aside for us and the church this year! May the Lord bless you!

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Author: Véronique Lahausse